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Rocky Bar Beef:

Rocky Bar has been breeding some of the top quality beef cattle for the last 18 years.  We run 350 head of commercial cattle, Black Agnus crossed with  Limousin.  We have carefully chosen some of the best heifers and steers to put into our home-raised meat market.  


  • Our passion is to sell a natural product that we trust with knowing there is no added perservatives. Our ranch has been farming the land since 1968 and has taken pride in knowing what has gone into the produce and animals.   


  • Our animals are hormone free, 100% ranch raised, grass-fed with no extra preservatives. 

Our beef is cut & wrapped at a Provincial Inspected Facility

All our beef Dry-Age for 14 days to intensify flavour and increase tenderness 

Beef Cuts:


Our family is very involved in the success of our farm.  The love for the animals is pasted on to every generation involved.


Here at Rocky Bar we are very passionate in knowing what our beef are fed- all home grown crops and grass





  • We have ordered Rocky Bar Meat a few times to try it, then decided to go with half a beef because no store bought compares. Very good cuts which make your steak so tender and delicious.        - Leah Maier

  • Rocky Bar Beef has been the best beef I have ever bought.  Very decent priced, and the quality of meat is amazing, you hardly ever need to put seasoning on it.  The cuts are great (will do whatever cuts you want), they are very easy to work with.  I have gotten hamburger, steak, ribs and roasts and they have all been amazing.  Hamburger has no added water like the stores.  I would definitely recommend to anyone.  Their butcher is also great to work with and for someone who does not have any experience in ordering meat they make you feel very comfortable making sure you are getting what you want.    - Meranda Pangracs

  • Rocky Bar Beef is fabulous !!! I will never buy store bought meat again.  We eat a lot of wild meat too so that is why we don't buy a half a beef.  The Meat boxes is the perfect amount so we can change it up.  -Michelle Buckberger


Rocky Bar Ranch  

Esterhazy, SK Canada


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